Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m searching for an apple crisp recipe for tomorrow & I found these:



This one looks awesome:


but I’ll stick with the first one.  We’ll see. Is there a favorite you would like to share? 🙂

Have a great Holiday!!!

A Different Oatmeal

Yesterday I thought I would be going to Starbucks and spending money I don’t really have to spend & buying my usual coffee & whatever pastry appealed to me. I ended up not going and making this oatmeal. I like DIY oatmeal combos now more than ever : ) It lasts longer and is more satisfying with my own flavors. I did something new to me. I added leftover sweet potatoes (baked w/ butter & brown sugar) w/ dried cranberries. Yummy! What are some of your favorite combos? I’ll try them too!!


Side note: it was an unfortunate incident that stopped me from going. Glad all is well now, but hope to meet up with the lovely lady I was suppose to meet up with soon 🙂