Energy, Focus & 39th Birthday :)

As I approach my 39th birthday this weekend I am trying to focus on a few things.  Focus is a huge thing I’m trying to work on, since it seems also attached to my energy or lack there of.  I know what I need to do, but my head has been pulled in many directions that at the same time I’m tired of being tired.  I need to step up my yoga, breathe & be more patient in certain situations & get my energy back.  I know I need these things in my life to help with my personal well being & to be more present for my family, work on my crafting business &  learn what I need to, to keep blogging which is my new love in life.  I may not know much, but it’s something that I’m learning & growing with in small steps so far.  I have a great foundation in awesome friends that have been helping me technically & a very patient husband that hears about many different things that he could normally care less about, lol.   Hopefully the more I learn, the more I can contribute to my family & friends & community around me.  There are so many ideas I have for this blog & I hope I can stay motivated & keep moving right along in many different ways & who knows where this will take me.  Thanks to whoever is reading this & learning along with me too.  Hang in there in my early stages & I’ll keep typing away in hopes that every post gets better & better with my new knowledge, focus & energy 🙂 That is what I hope to accomplish with NutMeg Creative Cafe & the life I’m trying to create around it.  Thank you again & bring it on 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I’m adding this video that I’ve been watching this week to infuse some energy into my life.  As I am learning my “techiness” (that’s a word right?) This is the only way I know how to embed this fab video from Sia right now.  What music or videos help with your energy? Feel free to give me your suggestions & I’ll add them into my newly energized life.


Have a great weekend!!!


Sia – Chandelier (Official Video) – YouTube



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