Bloggity blog every day in Nicevember

So I made an ambitious goal this November and I’m trying to keep it. I want an everyday entry in November. Even if it’s a simple photo or finally catch up with a nice tutorial that I’ve been putting off I want to give this blog some good attention and get in the groove of writing with it. I think I need to bond with my blog hehe. I know I don’t know a whole heck of a lot, but I’m going to make it my 2015 goal to find what I need to do to finally launch a fun interactive blog 🙂
I’ve run into some road blocks this year. Mainly time & energy are my major enemies but I think confidence has been a huge factor too. But I know I’m confident in knowing which directions I’d love this blog “home” to be.
Thank you for letting me ramble. Thank you for everyone’s patience in creating this journey with me & I can’t thank my close friends and family enough for helping me along the way.
I came up with a fun word the other day & I think I kind of like it 🙂 “Nicevember” :). I don’t know but this time of year it has a certain ring to it. Let’s see what kind of fun I can come up with with this fun “word”. Any suggestions are welcome!