New Hair Don’t Care

Hi! I did some thing fun and fabulous last weekend! I colored my hair something completely different than I have before in quite a long time! I usually go lighter but I decided to do something completely different 🙂 So I went from this:



to this!!!



I used this fun color:


It was Lizzie approved & we both think it’s Fancy! haha.  That’s her favorite word 🙂

So this is during:



And voila! After!


My After was the next day on the way out the door in (somewhat) better lighting & I still take a horrible selfie but I love the new change! Any one else make a crazy & fun hair color change? Share here & let us know! Hope everyone is staying warm wherever you are.  Have a great day!


Word of the Year



I have chosen my word of the year.  Motivation.  It speaks to me on so many levels & categories in my life right now.  I need it for home, crafting, business, parenting, etc.

I love the definitions I found too:
• the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something
• the condition of being eager to act or work
• a force or influence that causes someone to do something
• Red Forman: a swift kick in the a**
The last one was courtesy of my husband, lol.  When I brought this word up to him, that’s the first thing he said, and well, I like it & it stays.  Short & to the point.  Exactly what was needed to wrap up the definition of motivation I was looking for.
So what’s your Word of the Year? What do you need motivating with? I’ll be starting some groups to help motivate you in a few things in the coming year.  I’ll fill you in later on that.  Hope your New Year is starting of well!!!
It’s what’s for dinner 😀

Happy 2015!



Happy 2015!! WooHoo! I’m so excited for this year you have no idea!!! I’ve had a crazy past 2 months that I’ll briefly talk about &  try not  to bore you…

So, I decided I could take on a job & juggle well, EVERYTHING! Aaaaaand well it became the most disastrous thing I’ve tried in quite a long time.  I was completely overwhelmed & I was extremely hard on myself in the process because I felt I disappointed those around me that supported the initial thought of me taking on a job in the first place.  Let’s just say no one was more crushed than myself for not being able to do it.  But in the end it was the best decision to walk away & re-group.  In the past 2 months I’ve been doing a lot of research  and have learned so much about what crafts I want to concentrate on, dedicating family time and how I want to grow my blog.

I wanted to do a blog vacation post & came up with some fun images as to what that may look like.  Alas I didn’t post since the Holiday Hustle began & so I’ll just post a few moments here.

So, since I’m creatively based here.  I found a color palette to describe my mental vacation perfectly:


I want to start crafting with these color palettes.  I’ll be creating some color palette challenges to help boost my crafts & have fun with others to see what they create with them too.

So on my blog vacation my blog went to museums & headed to the beach.  My outfits looked exactly like the following:




How gorgeous is the embroidery in this shirt! And that bag! Oh & how cute are her bead & tassel bracelets…


I also got into making pom poms with my yarn stash so you’ll be seeing them on a bunch of stuff this year 😀


Thought this was the perfect accessory to leave me alone while I get my head back together lol:


I hope you like my mini journey through my blog vacation.  All of it happened exactly like that, in my head, lol.

I’m so happy to be back in good spirits, blogging again & getting creative in the new year 🙂 Sorry I left everyone hanging & wondering what the heck is going on, but I’ll be sure to be more active & inter-active with the fun new things I have planned.

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and lets kick 2015 in positive & supportive directions beyond our wildest expectations!