“Icing on the Cake” August Fab Flippin’ Furniture Contest

Happy Fab Flipping August Time! I had a trashed picked vanity that was perfect for this month’s contest!¬†van21

It went from Grungy to Glamorous & I can’t wait to decorate around it more ūüėÄ I never thought I would be doing a fabulous vanity project for my daughter when she was 4 1/2 but here it is & we love it!


Here are this month’s hosts for the Fab Flippin Furniture Contest.



Evey’s Creations

Anastasia Vintage


Fern Avenue

Thirty Eighth Street

Dandelion Patina


Be sure to go to their blogs & check out their amazing August Flips too.

We also had a generous hardware host! Meet D. Lawless Hardware:


They have a great online store that it was hard to narrow down what I wanted, but I’ll be going back to their website to order more. ¬†I’ll explain all of the goodies along the way in this post.


So here’s the ugly duckling! You should have seen how I had to squish this in my car! It was totally worth the pushing & pulling. ¬†It’s funny what we do when we see a great vision for certain pieces.


It had rusty old knobs that I definitely replaced


Total grossness on the mirror


& all of the surfaces too of course ūüėõ


I even had the pleasure of sanding down close to 3 layers of paint


Here was my cleaning arsenal.  Simple green and gentle dish soap worked when I needed to really scrub.


So I can’t tell you how much I love to paint with chalk paint! I decided to stick with white & it came out really clean & bright! No more grunge! Barely 2 coats & all of the rings, marks & smudges disappeared.


I used a paint brush but I also wanted to try to use a small roller & it came out really smooth & perfect!


It was a kids sized roller but worked perfectly on the top surface. Here’s Lizzie keeping busy. While I painted her vanity, she painted many other surfaces ūüėÄ


I ordered these beautiful hooks¬†that I screwed in on both sides of the desk. ¬†Lizzie is very¬†fancy. ¬†Note sparkly head band in above pic. ¬†I never thought I would have such a girlie girl since I wasn’t but she definitely is! So scarves, necklaces, boas (lol) & head bands can easily be hung on these large hooks.




Last month we were painting with Unicorn Spit. ¬†I tried about 7 other colors for the insides of the drawers & this one turned out perfect! Again, the coverage of this paint is awesome! Also an added bonus is it is infused with Jasmine. ¬†So the stinky grungy drawers have a wonderful smell in them now ūüôā



As I was painting these late last night, I pictured Lizzie saying “they need more sparkle”


And sure enough when she came down this morning she said just that & I already had Bella Star Dust on hand after the Unicorn Spit dried. ūüôā So now they are extra fancy!


This. Yes this, was one of my favorite parts of the project! (besides the seriously awesome hardware of course ;). ¬†I was trying to figure out what I could do to line the drawers with & it dawned on me that I had some vintage 70’s fabric that I hoarded away from my mom. I love it! & it was a perfect match!



I love it so much & it couldn’t be more perfect! I am going to use the fabric for the matching chair too. ¬†I’ll blog about the chair next week.



I finished off the drawers with these pretty pink¬†knobs. ¬†I didn’t get them from d. lawless but they have a similar set. ¬†In fact they have a HUGE assortment of knobs for Everything that you need to finish & work with.



I found these fun quirky pull apart wood thingies. Yes, that is the official name for them at NutMeg Creative Cafe.  I knew I could use them somehow & they worked great on this vanity!


Lizzie will now be able to display photos, her art work, or in this case beautiful handmade cards. I have a friend who made these over the top exquisite hand made birthday cards. They were nearby & for this first display they worked perfectly to show off my weird purchase.  I have a lot of thingies left & I know I can find other surfaces to cover in the same way.  They painted nicely too.




Here was the before of that wall:


Thanks for following the journey of the grungy vanity from the trash to our backyard & now


to it’s brand new home. I can’t wait to decorate around it now! I can finally hang up some fun artwork that I have been collecting. ¬†I’ll post those pics soon too. I also want to put something in the middle of the vanity. ¬†I’m thinking one of these appliques.


Now stop by D. Lawless & the other blogs and follow the hashtag #augustfabflippincontest all over social media! Thanks again!



Two Tiered Revamped Endtable

I’m finally blogging about this table that was given to me last year. ¬†I had a few different ideas but I LOVE the final outcome that happened! ūüėÄ


This was in bad shape from me using this as an outdoor plant stand this past year. It had tons of scratches & the veneer edges were pealing off.




I cleaned it up with gentle soap & water, pealed off the edges & sanded them down until they were smooth.


I sprayed white spray paint for a base. It only needed a light layer to lighten up the darkness of the veneer paneling.  It smoothed out all of the scratches too.


This was my first time using Folk Art Home Decor paint. ¬†I picked them up at my local Jo-ann’s Fabric & Crafts Store. ¬†Parisian Grey & Cascade caught my eye for a great end result combo.




I loved how it looked so far & asked on my Instagram & Facebook accounts if I should paint the legs.  I had mixed opinions & went with painting them in the light gray to blend with the top of the table.


Late that night I decided the long part of the table was missing something & I decided to start a decoupage project on it using old maps.  I cut them up like flower petals & formed a large dahlia like pattern on the top.


I used matte mod podge for the decoupage/glue element


So cool!


Here’s the finished table & I couldn’t be happier! This table brought out more comments than I ever had on my Facebook page. ¬†I never had more comments & attention to any other project I’ve done. ¬†So glad that so many enjoyed it as much as I do. I love how I lightened it up & brought new life to it! Hope you love it too ūüėÄ


Thanks for stopping by!