|Make a Statement| with the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest


Hello! I cannot be more excited over this Fab Furniture Flip! I have so many reasons to be happy with this month’s post! So many new beginnings with this one I almost don’t know where to start ūüėÄ

First new announcement is the addition of my new NutMeg Creative Cafe teammate is Inge! (Ing-a!) She has been my crafty friend for many years and it just made sense to officially add her on to my creative community. ¬†She just moved to a new house and gained a vintage china cabinet and a dining room table and chairs that we got to mess up, I mean bring new life to with this month’s FFF Contest. We’ll stick to one new announcement at a time so we can focus on this crazy beast of a flip!



This month’s Flip Contest was sponsored by DecoArts Inc. and their line of Chalky Finish Paints. ¬†We were sent 2 jars of their Chalky Finish paint and a creme wax finish jar too. Inge chose Relic which is a deep & rich color gray & Yesteryear which is a light & airy gray.


Here are our lovely blog hosts this month:


Stop by¬†Thirty Eighth Street¬†&¬†Ciburbanity¬†¬†to check out their awesome projects & links to many others that were a part of this month’s Fab Flippin’ Contest.¬†For more information about this contest email Stacy at Anastasia Vintage stacy.white.tolbert@gmail.com

For the majority of the cabinet we used the Relic dark gray paint.  I love how easy chalk paint is to use & how so little goes a long way.


I love how as she painted so many details in this cabinet started to pop out!





Inge lightly sanded down accents & corners to the cabinet too.


For the inside accent color, Inge used Yesteryear.  I love the 2 toned look and these 2 colors perfectly compliment each other.


Her wedding china came out of hiding and all of the colors were a perfect match all around!


The chairs & table were painted in Relic too.



We finished off the cabinet, table & chairs with the clear creme wax finish.  It smoothed everything out and the colors look amazing!




I could not be any happier with how this came out! We used Relic on one more unique project that will be in the next post & wait till you see what we flipped with that too!

Thank you Decor Arts! Looking forward to painting with more bright and fabulous colors soon! xo Meg & Inge




Book Page Dahlia Wreath

I’ve been cranking a few of these out lately & they’ve all been from completely different paper sources! I’ve done old dusty law book pages, maps, old wrinkled kids book pages, vintage doilies, holiday wrapping paper & scrapbook paper. ¬†In this post I’ll show you a few quick steps to make the book page wreath:¬†dahlia19

Here’s one I made from wrapping paper for my daughter’s school secretary that loves pops of color for her office too ūüôā


& here’s the vintage doilies! This one was for a baby shower that had a vintage theme:


So you want a LOT of paper squares. ¬†I started off with 5″x 5″ & then as you work your way through the middle of the layers you have to use 4″ x 4″ & then 3″x 3″ for the center.


Pull up the bottom corners to make a cone shape. ¬†Add 1 line of glue to the right side & roll towards the left corner and press. ¬†I used hot glue. ¬†Be VERY careful when you press as it’s obviously very HOT! I like working with it & since there are so many, I like that it also dries quicker too.


For the base I used a 10″ cardboard cake plate. ¬†They are found in any craft store. ¬†You can make your own, but I like the convenience of having a whole box full of pre-made circles for the amount of wreaths I have been making lately.

I placed a lid in the center of the circle & penciled around it to help me line up the end of the paper cones for the first layer.



I needed just one line of hot glue on the bottom half of the back of the cone & then press into the circle:



& repeat








until you finally


get to the center. You have to press the bottoms hard enough to squish down & fit around your whole flower. The tops will start to poof up so keep pressing!


& here’s the end result!



I love making these book page flowers! There are so many different ways to make these into the style you are looking for.  I really love to use old maps!  I need to make more for myself.  I have a stack of maps that was gifted to me & they turn out great!

So grab a bunch of old books, magazines, decorative paper and make your own! I’d love to create more Crafternights (Girls/Moms Night’s Out) with these. ¬†Ther are so easy & everyone can mix & match the papers they bring to contribute.

What paper would you like to use? Let me know & I’d love to see how yours turns out too!

Thanks for stopping by & have fun making your paper dahlia wreaths.  xoxo-Meg