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Ok, so I really stink these past 2 months with DIY.  My energy & focus has been off & I’m one craft fail after another.  Heck, it’s taken me an extra week just to focus & finalize this blog post :-/.   May & June were GREAT & then everything went down hill a bit from there.  I LOVE working with the fabulous brands of our Fab Flippin Furniture Contest so let me at least show you what I’m trying to work on now.

I have this guest room furniture that has a unique color that I have loved but I know it’s time to change it up & make that room cozier for my folks that stay with us a few times a year.
Here’s what I painted a few years ago:

It was an oops paint & I love that this unique color, whatever the name it was, found it’s way to our home.  But, I believe I need to change it up or “Class It Up” for my parents now 🙂 They deserve it! 🙂

So I chose 3 different color Old Fashion Milk Paints for my July project.  I had high hopes I was going to paint a big kitchen storage cabinet.  Well July came & went & of course that didn’t happen.  So we are now in August & the 3 colors could have worked for these dressers.  I chose Federal Blue, Pitch Black & Slate.

Here’s a link their beautiful color palettes:

At first I wanted to paint them Pitch Black & mixed it up, time ran out that morning & I didn’t do it.  Then I changed my mind, mixed up Slate & started painting with my daughter.

I cleaned up the smaller dresser, sanded it down so the paint could adhere better & we started painting.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but it came out crackled & some of the milk paint was still chunky.  It’s not them it’s totally me! I’ll give this paint another try when I have time to concentrate on it more.  I’ll post when I do so everyone can see the better results you can get than my first time mistakes with it.

So August was sponsored by D Lawless Hardware.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful company & what they have to offer for your hardware needs.  But sigh… again I think I chose the wrong hardware.  I went a safe route & I kind of don’t like them. They are a beautiful set, but I’d like to get something a little more different.

I’ll post links in a new blog post to colors combos & hardware that everyone can help me decide on from these AWESOME companies.  I’d love to do all of this during September.  My ultimate goal for a lot of projects around the house is mid October.  My folks will be coming up & I’d like to finally have some fun & “homey” like decor around here for them.  Obviously I’d like to do it for the 3 of us too, but adding a solid deadline makes this a heck of a lot better to finally Get Things Done Around Here! 😀


Let’s make this room something that will blow my mom’s size 4 1/2 sandals off! 😀


I’d love for you to stop by & see the incredible projects that came out of the Fab Furniture Flips again.

FFFC graphic (6.18.2016)

Stop by 58 Water Street & be sure to vote for your Favorite Fab Flip! Every month there are SO many great choices it’s so hard to choose!

If there is any questions or interest in joining this talented group of DIY’ers feel free to email

So starting next week I’m looking forward to starting new projects & adding new ideas to NutMeg Creative Cafe. I hope everyone had a fab summer!!

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  1. I think I know what happened in july and August… Your DIY partner in crime had a baby! But I’m back and we can DIT! ( do it together)

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