Velvet Finishes “Colour Your World” Bookcase

Hello & Happy Post Thanksgiving! Hope everyone’s holiday season is starting off well! Instead of Black Friday shopping we are finishing up projects & cleaning up the house to decorate with all sorts of fun stuff this weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to adding new holiday colors & some fun upcycled/repurposed decorations that I’ve been hoarding & can finally put up.

But first, we talk about Paint! This month’s Fab Furniture Flippin Contest is sponsored by Velvet Finishes. I received these products from our Fab sponsor & all of our opinions are our own.

I love the colors & their philosophy:

“The NO sand, NO prime, NO chalk, NO wax furniture paint formula that will rock your world.”

Sounds good to me! So here’s what Inge & worked with this month.

She found a curbside bookcase that was a perfect fit for this months painting project.

Turns out that this was a solid wood bookcase from Lane!

We cleaned it up with clorox wipes & then prepped it with

Velvet Finishes Ready.  It is the first time using it & I am really impressed with how smooth the wood came out.  I just lightly sprayed it on & then wiped it off.  On their website it describes it as: “a product that removes dirt and grime, deglosses and prepares your piece for a fabulous finish.”

We let it dry & it was paint ready SMOOTH!!

On their website you can purchase a pre-painted color pallette that will help you with your painting needs in your future projects


We chose

Baroque Green.  This bookshelf will be in a Gamer’s Man Cave & this new pop of color fit perfectly in there.

After the Ready dried we got to work!


It was a perfect day to paint outside.  We propped it up on 2 workshop horses & started painting.

We used 3 layers of paint & the green came out great!


We also added a chevron touch that was applied with a stencil & a gold metallic pen I purchased at Michael’s

Easy peasy addition to help with the theme of the bookcase which then got some new friends right away.

Little gamer trolls stopped by to hang out with us & soon they all charged in & made themselves at home 😀




Ha! They even brought in their large trusty dog!


Oh Teddy.  Photobombed again 😀

Our hosts this month painted 2 different pieces that turned out great!

Here’s Fern Avenue’s dresser:


& Sweet Tea Refinishing’s table:


Thank you to our hosts & Velvet Finishes for a great product to upgrade all of our furniture pieces with!


Any interested bloggers who want to join us should contact for future furniture & paint contests. I can’t stress enough how much fun it has been working with this INCREDIBLE group of bloggers 🙂 Thank you Fab Flippin Contest & Velvet Finishes for our November sponsorship!