Nordic Paper Hearts for Your Valentine

Megan and I were churning out Ideas for this years make it take it booth at the Philadelphia home show. Did we want to make something “Winter themed” or something “Valentines themed” and something that is both adult and kid friendly?  
While visiting my Mormor (Grandmother in Norwegian) I saw that she still had the paper hearts on her tree that we made over the years and thought “That is it!“ I can share a fond memory from my youth with our followers and the visitors at the Philly Home Show! 

Nordic themed crafts have been on trend lately, in the cooking, baking and craft blogs. Finally thanks to Disney’s Frozen being Norwegian is Trendy! 
Run out to the drugstore now! Pick up those clearance wrapping papers! I was fortunate enough to find these great Hallmark papers at my local walgreens for less than $1 a roll on clearance! 

I always recommend using a thinner paper because it’s easier to bend as you weave! What is also great about the hallmark paper is the background had a 1” grind on the back. 

The Nordic Paper Hearts are made from two folded pieces of paper with a half circle shape on the end and two cuts that you then weave. 

((I will post a template to our page at a later date))