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XFINITY Home, Apps & a NEXT Learning Thermostat Giveaway

Hello! I attended a local event hosted by Philly Social Media Moms. (An incredible group of women by the way!!!) It was #sponsored Comcast Philly NJ and I received additional compensation from Xfinity for my opinions & reviews of their services. All opinions expressed are my own.  #xfinitymoms

Xfinity (finally, woohoo!) opened up a location near us in Cherry Hill NJ in the Garden State Park Shopping Center off of Route 70.

Here’s a link to their hours & location:

This brand new location serves as a new hub of learning everything that Xfinity has to offer to their customers.  I learned so much!


(image above from below from google images)

Anything & everything you need to know is in this beautiful new location.  Look for Nordstrom Rack in the shopping center & it’s sits across from there.

That day we were given tips on the Apps, Home Security, various Account tips, the new Remote features & everything we can access through our X1 TV systems.

More Fun Facts:

Xfinity Voice Remote is a fun & easy way to search for networks, show & movies, set DVR recording, change the channel, get recommendations  & navigate Xfinity On Demand.

Say a favorite movie quote, a favorite actors name or I just last night said “Christmas” in the remote voice activation & it brought up movies & upcoming shows to watch, remind or DVR.

My daughter says “Taylor Swift” & it brings up her music videos.  Also I now “accidentally” have scheduled to record every time she has an appearance on anything! Ha! I’ll have to unschedule that, but I think that’s really funny that she did that.


    • Watch hit movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere with XFINITY On Demand™. Plus, add HD and DVR service to enhance the experience.
    • With DVR service, you’ll never miss your favorite shows again — even schedule a recording when you’re away from home with the XFINITY TV app.
    • With High Definition service from Comcast you can experience your favorites shows in crystal clear picture and sound.
  • Subscribe to XFINITY TV from Comcast and get the best digital cable service around. Find Comcast Digital TV pricing, offers and promotions for this area.
  • Plus, get 45 commercial-free music channels, an interactive on-screen guide and easy-to-use Parental Controls.

More Fun Facts:

Get the entire Netflix catalogue of TV shows and movies alongside x1’s live, on demand, dvr & web programming in one place.


More Fun Facts:

  • Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring – Plus, XFINITY Home Secure packages provide battery back-up in the event of a power failure and cellular back-up in the event of a network interruption. You can even remotely arm and disarm your system from anywhere, on any device.
  • Look after your home and family from anywhere – Get real-time text and email alerts when doors and windows are opened and remote video monitoring in and outside of your home.
  • Save money and energy – With XFINITY Home, you can save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. And, with smart home energy management tools like remote lighting and thermostat control, you can save you up to 10% on your energy bills.


More Fun Facts:

  • In your area, XFINITY Internet service from Comcast gives you download speeds of up to 105 Mbps — way faster than DSL — so you can enjoy everything the Web has to offer, including downloading HD movies, uploading photos, streaming TV shows or simply surfing for fun.
  • It’s no wonder so many people in this area choose Comcast as their ISP over any other broadband Internet service provider. With XFINITY Internet from Comcast, you’ll enjoy reliable high-speed Internet service, with lots of extra benefits like top-rated Norton™ Security Suite that helps protect against identity theft, online viruses and more.
  • Get the speed you need to connect all of your devices and access to thousands of movies and TV shows — including full past seasons — that you can stream anywhere, anytime with XFINITY Streampix®. Plus, get your local channels and popular favorites like Discover, Disney, CNN and A&E.

Here’s the apps I downloaded into my phone so far.  I now have a “Command Center” of sorts right at my finger tips to control our Comcast Xfinity account home or away.

Now for the Giveaway! The kind folks at Comcast have generously given us Xfinity bloggers a chance to giveaway a Nest Learning thermostat.  It really is an incredible tool to run your home safely & efficiently.

Here’s a great commercial about it




After the Giveaway give yourself a few minutes & check out the new Comcast commercial.  Link attached right below. It’s a little edgy, but it’s hilarious! Thank You Comcast Xfinity for including us in spreading the word about your new location & everything Xfinity.

Inge  & I are excited to be planning so many new avenues with where NutMeg Creative Cafe is heading. This feels like just the beginning of so many exciting new adventures & opportunities that lie ahead of us.  We have been putting our heads together and coming up with so many great ideas and bringing new life to this “old” blog that I started a few years ago.  Thank you for hanging out with us.  Stay tuned for new looks & new ideas in the next few months.

Modern Flare with Spoonflower Fabric

Happy October! This month’s Fab Furniture Flippin Contest was sponsored by Spoonflower. We had a modern theme to play with for our DIY & this flip turned out incredible!


We chose this $5 online yard sale find for Inge’s new toy box/front entry seat.  Inge truly has a great eye for turning an ugly duckling piece of furniture into something completely different 🙂

First it needed a little clean up & a new paint job. We used American Decor Chalk Paint. She also took off the broken back piece & bought a new piece of wood from the Hardware store, cut it to size to fit a new fabric lined back.

The fitted piece of wood was then reupholstered & lined with the wonderful new fabric from Spoonflower.

We chose Infinite Simplicity designed by Renee Clements in Basic Cotton Ultra.

What a fun & unique Mod pattern! This color palette flows around Inge’s new house. She decorates well with these colors.  I love how this really is her signature color palette. I think she needs to help me out with my signature colors soon too. So far it’s just various shades of aquas & grays.  I know I can find other colors hidden in me too soon 🙂

This really turned out great! It found it’s way to a perfect new spot in her home. The best part is how multi functional it is & how much of Ryder’s toys can fit in it too.

Great job Inge! It was the perfect piece for our Modern Flare Project.

Here’s our Fab hosts that help get our wonderful sponsors every month.

FFFC graphic (6.18.2016)

Be sure to stop by 58 Water Street and & check All of the Fabulous projects for our Spoonflower challenge.  Feel free to contact them at with any questions about our Fab Furniture contest.

Have a great weekend & see you again soon! -Meg & Inge






The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest / Class It Up

Ok, so I really stink these past 2 months with DIY.  My energy & focus has been off & I’m one craft fail after another.  Heck, it’s taken me an extra week just to focus & finalize this blog post :-/.   May & June were GREAT & then everything went down hill a bit from there.  I LOVE working with the fabulous brands of our Fab Flippin Furniture Contest so let me at least show you what I’m trying to work on now.

I have this guest room furniture that has a unique color that I have loved but I know it’s time to change it up & make that room cozier for my folks that stay with us a few times a year.
Here’s what I painted a few years ago:

It was an oops paint & I love that this unique color, whatever the name it was, found it’s way to our home.  But, I believe I need to change it up or “Class It Up” for my parents now 🙂 They deserve it! 🙂

So I chose 3 different color Old Fashion Milk Paints for my July project.  I had high hopes I was going to paint a big kitchen storage cabinet.  Well July came & went & of course that didn’t happen.  So we are now in August & the 3 colors could have worked for these dressers.  I chose Federal Blue, Pitch Black & Slate.

Here’s a link their beautiful color palettes:

At first I wanted to paint them Pitch Black & mixed it up, time ran out that morning & I didn’t do it.  Then I changed my mind, mixed up Slate & started painting with my daughter.

I cleaned up the smaller dresser, sanded it down so the paint could adhere better & we started painting.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but it came out crackled & some of the milk paint was still chunky.  It’s not them it’s totally me! I’ll give this paint another try when I have time to concentrate on it more.  I’ll post when I do so everyone can see the better results you can get than my first time mistakes with it.

So August was sponsored by D Lawless Hardware.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful company & what they have to offer for your hardware needs.  But sigh… again I think I chose the wrong hardware.  I went a safe route & I kind of don’t like them. They are a beautiful set, but I’d like to get something a little more different.

I’ll post links in a new blog post to colors combos & hardware that everyone can help me decide on from these AWESOME companies.  I’d love to do all of this during September.  My ultimate goal for a lot of projects around the house is mid October.  My folks will be coming up & I’d like to finally have some fun & “homey” like decor around here for them.  Obviously I’d like to do it for the 3 of us too, but adding a solid deadline makes this a heck of a lot better to finally Get Things Done Around Here! 😀


Let’s make this room something that will blow my mom’s size 4 1/2 sandals off! 😀


I’d love for you to stop by & see the incredible projects that came out of the Fab Furniture Flips again.

FFFC graphic (6.18.2016)

Stop by 58 Water Street & be sure to vote for your Favorite Fab Flip! Every month there are SO many great choices it’s so hard to choose!

If there is any questions or interest in joining this talented group of DIY’ers feel free to email

So starting next week I’m looking forward to starting new projects & adding new ideas to NutMeg Creative Cafe. I hope everyone had a fab summer!!

Coastal Inspiration with Saltwash & Fab Furniture Flippin Contest 

Happy July1st! How the heck is it July already?! Craziness!

Anyway I had the pleasure of trying this fun texture paint mix called Saltwash who Sponsored July’s Fab Furniture Flips with a table I thrifted from ReStore for only $10!


Here’s a better description from their website & click on the pic above to link over to the website too. :

Saltwash™ is a product, invented to create a unique weather worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just two quick steps. Saltwash™ is made with real sea salt, so you will notice it dries quicker and adheres to almost any surface that takes paint. It was designed to be mixed into any brand or type of paint and used as the base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, it can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash™ also has found to give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal and even plastic.

Saltwash™ is offered in two sizes, a large tin at 42oz and a mini tin at 10oz. The large 42oz tin will extend to do about two large dressers, depending on the preferred consistency or mix into about a half a gallon of paint. The 10oz. mini tin is preferred for small projects and is good for first introductions to Saltwash™.

Saltwash™ is a low voc product and all of the ingredients in it are considered safe in a working environment. We at Saltwash™ LLC., are very concerned with safety, so we recommend to always take precautions, and because Saltwash™ is a powder, we suggest wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding.



This was a cute table but same old dark finish that I’ve seen everywhere.  Great score & only a few nicks & bumps that I was covering up anyway.

I had this frame at home that I added to this flip to make into a coastal tray that fit perfectly on top of the table.



Here’s what they sent me


and here’s what it looks like. It’s like a fine powder substance that’s really easy to mix


I love this short ad that explains the technique in this video here:

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I found these 2 colors at Walmart to mix with hoping I could get a different color blend & do something completely different than I’ve done before.  This definitely was a great combo that was bright & vibrant & fun to paint with to kick start my summer projects.  Yes, summer officially began for me this past week.  June was a Really busy month!

I mixed a scoop & a 1/2 to the Glidden Bermuda Bay & was extremely happy with the bright “royal” like blue of the Rust-oleam Gloss Sail Blue.  I took my chances using a gloss top coat but I really liked the end result 🙂


The Saltwash went on really quick! You need to pounce your brush more than swipe it like you normally do to get the thick bumpy texture.



Let it dry, sand it down with a sanding block & apply a thin coat of the top coat. Let the top coat dry & sand down for your desired coastal textured look.




I only applied the Saltwash to the frame, but let me know your opinion if I should top coat in the sail blue too.




I found some shell printables on Pinterest & I like that I can switch it up seasonally when I get the chance to. Glasses of brews & wines & platters of cheese, crackers &  fruit snacks (lol) will be enjoyed around this fun new table.


I’m working on a front porch redo, & I want to add this to the new decor there. This July I’m challenging myself to come up with a calming front entryway look.

Here’s our fab hosts Thirty Eighth Street & 58 Water Street‘s Saltwash Coastal Flips & stop by Sweet Tea Refinishing  for ALL of the June Fab Flips.

Contact for more information on how to join us in future flips! It’s such a GREAT group of really talented DIY’ers to be involved with!



Gothic Glam for the Bling Bling Challenge 

Lot’s of bling & sparkle going on this month!

The May challenge was “bling bling” and is being sponsored by Country Chic paints. Each contestant received 1 paint, 1 metallic cream and a brush of your choice, we got the oval brush something new that is coming out soon ( buy it! We love it!) Country Chic also let you purchase additional product at 50% off I couldn’t resist! And purchased the color bliss for use on another project.

Bling Bling with country chic paints metallic accent cream is breeze! We chose to go with “Trigger” and for the body of our piece “Rocky Mountain”.

This month’s piece was a free find on a local community page, and it had flare for days! Words that come to mind, undulating curves, feminine, sophisticated and romantic.

But first a bath, lol. & then it’s royal Bling treatment 🙂

First step, we removed all of the hardware. Then removed all of the drawers, gave everything a good cleaning.


Next we painted the main body of the piece with Rocky Mountain & decided to use the metallic on the drawer fronts, table top and carved details.


Oh Teddy…


The metallic really helps capture the light on the curved center drawer front and the floral details on the sides of the drawers.

Head over to Sweet Tea Refinishing & Thirty Eighth Street to see other “Bling Bling” Country Chic paint projects.

Here’s our hosts this month too:


& of course bloggers  interested in joining us in future contests contact

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!! – Inge & Meg


Musician Tribute Blog Hop | Diamonds & Pearls |

I joined my very first blog hop and this couldn’t have been any more fun to put together.  Jennifer Priest of Hydrangea Hippo pooled together craft/DIY bloggers to commemorate musicians that have passed on in 2016.


Check out the rest of the tribute projects here:

 Loading InLinkz ...

I took the opportunity to stretch my creative side & do something a little outside of my comfort zone.  Also known as one of Lizzie’s most favorite craft I’ve done for her to date.  We all know how sparkly she is by now so this project fit her perfectly.

So I decided to dedicate my craft to Prince & came up with a craft project theme to “Diamonds & Pearls”.


(stock photo found on wikipedia)

Not one of my /all time/ favorites, but come on, it’s Prince & I had to do something bright & crazy 😀

I’ve been wanting to make a monogram for Lizzie’s room to fill up her gallery wall that I’m working on & here’s what I came up with:

Materials Used:

Monogram “L” from Target’s craft section

 HandMade Modern White Chalk Finish Paint

– Crayola Violet Classic Paint

– Crayola Violet Flicker Glitter Paint

– Bling, etc..

–  Hot Glue Gun

– small craft paint brushes

There isn’t much prep with painting wood letters. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth to get any dust that may be on it. Then paint! 2 layers of white chalk finish paint seemed enough for this especially since I was adding layers of bling on top.

On the sides I applied 2 layers of the classic purple paint & then 2 layers of the  glitter paint.  Purple was an obvious choice as I pay homage to “The Purple One”.  I loved the bright bold color that came out! This whole project I wanted every aspect to shine as bright as it could so I’m so happy with how every element blended & came out so well.
After all of the paint dries fire up the hot glue gun (*safely!*) & adhere all of the bling that has been gathering up in your craft supplies.

In my case it’s Mardi Gras beads from grandparents, jewelry bead kits I haven’t used yet but have been meaning to & LOTS of flat rhinestones in all shapes & sizes.  I used a lot from this bag I purchased at Jo-ann Fabric & Crafts stores. A few rhinestones were from Lizzie’s craft projects from school. I love re-purposing projects with a personalized touch.

There are 2 royal crowns in the mix as small touches of royalty to represent both Prince & of course Lizzie 😉


Thanks for stopping by this Tribute Hop. I hope I made His Royal Badness proud with how bright & bold I made this monogram. Lizzie deserved a fun monogram & Prince, well Nothing will Ever Compare to Him for sure.



Pure Colors Chalk Based Paint | Original Elegance: French Provincial Dresser Makeover

Our April Fab Flippin’ Furniture Contest is finally done! To say that Inge have been busy, well that really, in the classic statement, truly is an Understatement! I can’t believe it’s April 22 & I can’t believe how much we have done!

So let’s talk about this fun piece first.  I trash picked this gorgeous dresser a few years ago & had to completely scrub every little corner inside & out of this dresser. It really stunk! I used gentle soap, hot water & a vinegar solution & it finally came back to life.  I wasn’t really painting furniture then & I only painted the top of this in a brown that sort of matched.  When we got a chance to paint with Pure & Original paint who sponsored April’s Fab Flips, I knew this piece would be a perfect match for this paint.


I chose Classic White & Bohemian Gray. The gray has a lavender tone that I’m really in love with & can’t wait to use it more!


I couldn’t have gotten through this piece without Inge’s help! She was a lifesaver when I was on the edge of insanity & I almost just painted a small square end table.  I have so many projects going on that this seemed way too big to tackle! After a brief conversation of her “talking me off the ledge,” lol I am extremely happy that she got me through this! I had an awesome afternoon painting this & feeling so much better getting this Finally painted! It also helped that this paint line is Very easy & smooth to work with.

Here’s some before pics:



How cool are these handles?!


Inge primed the entire piece which helped with how the paint went on in the long run.  I’m so glad we primed because as I painted with the Pure & Original chalk based paint I needed only 2-3 quick layers & I know I would have needed a lot more if we didn’t prime.


I used the Bohemian Gray on the top.  I love this color so much! It matched the blue wall behind it perfectly.



This is my daughter’s dresser & she’s really happy with it now too.  Her bedroom is slowly but surely coming together so nicely! I should do a room tour & recap all of the projects I’ve done in here.  Also I don’t have a pic of it now, but the light purple in her comforter is a perfect match in the purple in the gray paint 🙂 This really was the perfect project for this chalk based paint.





Here are our fab hosts this month:


Check out this month’s projects at Anastasia Vintage blog post & at Thirty Eighth Street blog. LOTS of great information & links to so many projects on both blogs.

I’m so glad to be a part of Fab Flippin Furniture Contest! If you would like to join us & need more information contact .  Everyone is really informative & REALLY Creative.

Thanks for checking out our fancy dresser makeover.  I was extremely happy with Pure & Original and will be purchasing more colors soon.  Hope your April is going as great (and a bit smoother) than ours! See you again soon. -Meg & Inge



|Make a Statement| with the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest


Hello! I cannot be more excited over this Fab Furniture Flip! I have so many reasons to be happy with this month’s post! So many new beginnings with this one I almost don’t know where to start 😀

First new announcement is the addition of my new NutMeg Creative Cafe teammate is Inge! (Ing-a!) She has been my crafty friend for many years and it just made sense to officially add her on to my creative community.  She just moved to a new house and gained a vintage china cabinet and a dining room table and chairs that we got to mess up, I mean bring new life to with this month’s FFF Contest. We’ll stick to one new announcement at a time so we can focus on this crazy beast of a flip!



This month’s Flip Contest was sponsored by DecoArts Inc. and their line of Chalky Finish Paints.  We were sent 2 jars of their Chalky Finish paint and a creme wax finish jar too. Inge chose Relic which is a deep & rich color gray & Yesteryear which is a light & airy gray.


Here are our lovely blog hosts this month:


Stop by Thirty Eighth Street & Ciburbanity  to check out their awesome projects & links to many others that were a part of this month’s Fab Flippin’ Contest. For more information about this contest email Stacy at Anastasia Vintage

For the majority of the cabinet we used the Relic dark gray paint.  I love how easy chalk paint is to use & how so little goes a long way.


I love how as she painted so many details in this cabinet started to pop out!





Inge lightly sanded down accents & corners to the cabinet too.


For the inside accent color, Inge used Yesteryear.  I love the 2 toned look and these 2 colors perfectly compliment each other.


Her wedding china came out of hiding and all of the colors were a perfect match all around!


The chairs & table were painted in Relic too.



We finished off the cabinet, table & chairs with the clear creme wax finish.  It smoothed everything out and the colors look amazing!




I could not be any happier with how this came out! We used Relic on one more unique project that will be in the next post & wait till you see what we flipped with that too!

Thank you Decor Arts! Looking forward to painting with more bright and fabulous colors soon! xo Meg & Inge




January Fab Furniture Flippin Contest: A brand new year with “A Fresh Start” for 2016

Well this was a great 1st project to start off 2016!  I’m so excited to dive into my DIY’s for this year! I had a rough 2015 so this bright color & super fun project definitely is helping me get out of my funk. This project is setting me up for lots of positive posts & crazy fun DIY’s I have set up for the next few months!


So I took an old bookcase that was trash picked from my husband’s old job.  Look at the label I found on the back! Anyone who grew up decades ago in the Philadelphia & NJ area would remember the store Clover.  It was neat to see an old sticker like this resurface & get revived for a flip post.



Here’s an old photo I found online for nostalgia’s sake:


Anyway, back to who sponsored us & why I’m so happy with the color I chose! General Finishes was our sponsor & we got to choose from their chalk style paints.  I had a conversation with my dad when I was choosing paints & I asked him what he would like to see in our house. I wanted to paint this bookcase & a desk as part of a command center I’ll be putting together within the next few months.  He chose yellow & I couldn’t have agreed more with his choice!  They had this really pretty Moroccan Yellow & I was really happy when it arrived!


This was an awesome way to brighten up our house & a great start to my more organized corner! I can wait to start on the desk soon too 🙂

Here’s a before pic of the bookcase:


& here’s the after! I painted a primer & 2 coats for the best coverage possible. I love working with chalk style paint.  It goes on so smooth & covers so well!


I placed some doilies to add more fun color too. They aren’t permanent right now as I am still playing with the color palettes I want to finalize my command center corner.



So happy with how this turned out! I’m ordering another can of paint to finish of the desk & some organizing accessories too.


Thank you so much to our hosts of our Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest! Go check out how they used their General Finishes Chalk Style Paint.

Here’s Evey’s:

& here’s Stacy’s:


Anyone interested in more info on how to join our awesome contest & community of Fantastic DIYer’s contact

Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for me & my family & of course all of the crafty ventures we will be involved with too.  Thanks for stopping by!! xo-meg


November’s Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest: “Take A Seat”

In another Fab Flippin episode where Megan paints furniture white…


😀 So here’s my November entry! First & foremost I want to start this post off with how I really feel & what I take from this contest. I always know that I put a lot of crazy effort into learning each piece of furniture & at the same time I enjoy every part of the journey through each project flip this past year.  I come out of each project with a huge respect of this field & for everyone pouring their hearts and souls in a flip community that surprises the hell out of me each & every month! I love every blog post I see as they come rolling in. I whole-heartedly appreciate that I am able to be a participant no matter how frustrating it may be to get to the very end of each completed project.  Thank you Fab Flippin Furniture Tribe 😀

So now onto all of this months details:

We had the pleasure to work with  They gave us free reign to pick out our fabric of choice for our November furniture flip.  As I navigated through their website I noticed that they work closely with artists & crafters throughout the country to design their fabrics, stationary & all around decor. I chose the Directional Fabric. I really connected with the vibant watercolor in the pattern it is presented from the artist Kelsey McNatt. It’s a different pattern that I never thought I would have in my decor but now fits perfectly. I chose to incorporate it into 4 different ways.  I am now revamping our back room & this corner is the launch pad for the rest of the room to finally come together.



Here’s the before.  We’ve had this furniture since my husband I first moved in together.  It is well past it’s stay with us, that’s for sure.  It’s comfy buuuuut not what I really need to have taking up so much room in here.  & yes, that’s a huge foot rest I can’t even place in front since it sits in front of our sliding back door.


I’m replacing it with this trashed picked chair that I found




& this fun foot stool we bought for $2 at a yard sale last month.



I also had enough to finally cover up this “artwork” left here by the previous owners.


Tada! Here’s the details in a nutshell.  I painted it white to brighten up that dark corner.  I love how white made these 2 pieces POP! I redid the fabric on the rocking chair, added a pillow for extra comfort & added a foot rest pillow on top of the wicker stool.


I love the lines in this chair & now how they flow with it’s new fabric & look.



The frame project I now have a new message board that will be perfect to tack up pictures & to do lists 🙂


I don’t work with fabric much so this was really a challenge but a treat at the same time! Hope you love how they turned out too 🙂

As always our fantastic hosts have great projects to share with our sponsored medium of the month.

Anastasia’s Vintage & 58 Water Street are two of the hosts who shared what they made with Minted.


Stop by these other blogs & see what they’ve been up to too:

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Contact the hosts at to come join us in future flipping contests!

Thanks for hanging out with me during my DIY journey! It’s been such a great year learning so many new techniques! Woohoo! See you again soon.

& now I will go take a seat 😉