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New Whole Foods Markets opening



So this happened this past week ūüôā An exciting new Whole Foods Market location right in our neighborhood. ¬†It’ s huge & so many things are brand new specifically for this location. ¬†Anything from made to order on the spot salad dressings, peanut butters, a certified Kosher meat section, plus the ever so cool 21 day curing meat section too that my husband was excited about and so much more. ¬†Someone informed me that they have LED lighting that’s extremely environmentally friendly. ¬†We got to tour before they opened & they made it a fundraiser to raise money towards Sustainable Cherry Hill ¬† & Cherry Hill school district.

One of the biggest & best in my opinion is their focus on sourcing LOCALLY ūüôā They are passionate about supporting local farms, and small & large businesses. ¬†My favorite is a section called The Hatchery. ¬†This is where local vendors can sell their products in an area made just for them. ¬†I guess the success of the Marlton location vendor nights outside of their store has gone so well that they are more than glad to offer this inside of their stores & I can’t wait to get my crafts in there. ¬†I need new inventory & I’ll be contacting them as soon as I can.



20140618-153040-55840818.jpg 20140618-153217-55937522.jpg




Love love Love this bulk section!!!




Yummy!!! Looking forward to trying their bagels too




Looks like I need to set up a “meeting” here so I can give my honest opinion on Fresh Brick Oven Pizza!!!! Yay ūüôā





This is an absolute dream!!! An over the top Bath & Beauty section!!! They have everything they need to make specific products that work for you! I’d love to create some girls/moms day out event soley around this section, hehe. ¬†That’s how much I love this area!!!



Love this upcycled bottle chandelier!



Here’s who got to set up in the Hatchery in it’s opening week. ¬†(Hatchery photo courtesy of Whole Foods)


They also have their own artists making the fantastic signs that are displayed in all parts of the store. ¬†Creativity at it’s finest!



A group of young steppers from Camden were there! So much fun energy at 8:30 in the morning!



I’d love to figure out what & how to serve these with



I love unique produce!!!




Instead of a ribbon cutting, they have a break the bread ceremony. ¬†It was the warmest & freshest & Biggest chalah I’ve ever seen!! Soooo good.




Nice touch huh?



So this is just the beginning of having a great new energetic business in the Ellisburg Shopping Center. ¬†I am looking forward to what I can learn through them & who I can meet as well from the neighborhood. ¬†I’ll let you know about my success of getting into the Hatcher. ¬†Meet me for a fresh cup of coffee there soon!