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August 30 Day RoomChallenge

Happy Monday!! & Happy August!! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more energetic when the calendar page turned to August ūüôā Totally something I’m welcoming with huge arms! So I’m going to channel that energy into my next room challenge hosted by Serena of the Thrift Diving Blog. ¬†You may remember June’s Challenge when I did my craft room. ¬†I actually won a set of Ryobi Drills! I’ll attach a pic through my instagram later on today ūüôā That was really exciting!! So glad that Serena has created a great community through bettering our surroundings & has thrown in a little flare for extra fun.

I chose to do my bedroom this month. ¬†It’s blah & needs some much needed new decor. ¬†We have blank walls & miss matched bedding. ¬†Here’s my before pics:

20140804-082039-30039283.jpgManny chose to pose for these pics & since he’s in this room during the day more than we are, he should absolutely be in the pics! Haha!!


We were lucky enough to get new furniture when we moved in here last year, I just never really decorated it & now is definitely the time!

20140804-082034-30034017.jpgI do love our comforter, but I may need to get a new one, it is getting a little old. ¬†We’ll see what I find! The wall on the right in the picture above needs a nice little gallery type of set up. ¬†I wake up facing that wall, it would be nice to see some pretty artwork or photos.


This tv stand definitely has seen better days. ¬†It survived a move, but not very well. ¬†I’d love to find a stand/cabinet from Habitat’s Restore. ¬†I went in there the other day & didn’t see one yet, but I know I can score one soon.


We need new curtains or upgrade what we have on hand. ¬†I also have a RIT dying kit that I’d love to do something fun with the 2 curtains on the one wall


Oh Manny you know I’ll be asking you first for your approval ūüėČ


Wish me luck! Looking forward to getting crafty with this room. ¬†I have lots of ideas & I’ll be posting them along the way. ¬†Happy August Everyone! WooHoo!!!

Beach Themed Yarn Wreath

Good Morning! Once again this blog has been semi-neglected. ¬†I had a really busy June & first half of July. ¬†Things are settling down & I finally get to post some fun stuff! Tricia of Lilac Blossom Photography has been having fun with my new layout & pics. ¬†I’ll be tweaking more about me & a new logo very soon! I’m so excited!!

First up is this fab Beachy Wreath I made for Anchor Arts Studio in Margate, NJ. ¬†I love it there & Brittany the owner is super nice! If you are in the area, you need to stop in there. ¬†They do painting parties, so grab your girlfriends, have a date night or plan a birthday party in there for your kids too while you’re there.

So here’s the details:



I did something a little different with the base of my wreath this time. ¬†Instead of using a 12″ ¬†rounded Styrofoam wreath I used a 14″ wreath with an angled edge. ¬†I think I’m going to do these more now. ¬†They seem sturdier & I liked working with them. ¬†I do however have to use a thicker yarn.

I wanted a life preserver ring look, but with fun colors. ¬†Brittany wanted aqua so I found a thick turquoise with Rozetti Flora yarn at Jo-ann’s. ¬†I forget what the brown is at the moment. ¬†But it’s also really nice & thick & I love that there is a silver shimmer in the nutty brown color. ¬†I’m going to Jo-ann’s today, so I’ll get the name when I go to that section. ¬†I’ll also take pics of the packaging for better reference on this post ūüôā

I made the blue flowers with a pair of old jeans. ¬†If you want a blog post about fabric Rosettes please let me know & I’ll make one for you. ¬†I love making them!


I had to add in some shells to pull in the beach theme & finish off the ends of the flowers. ¬†I found a fun anchor that I painted a light white shimmer paint on the front so it wasn’t just a wood finish & the camera didn’t pick up the color.

I really am trying to work on my blog camera skills & take pics beyond my cell phone camera. ¬†In the mean time, I’m at the mercy of what my phone can capture ūüôā


I made the big poofy white flowers out of t-shirts. ¬†I love that I can create these out of something that has been sitting around for so long & almost got trashed! Again if you want a tutorial, stay tuned, as I’m typing this I am coming up with a how-to in my head right now hehe.


The gray flower is an old t-shirt too. The tan flowers are made out of felt.  I added a pearl floral pin to some of the centers of the flowers too.


So there you go.  A summery beach themed wreath with a personalized twist for an awesome & creative Arts & crafts Studio.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I am & I’m setting up 2 more blog posts to launch¬†up this week! I’m having so much fun with forming Nutmeg Creative Cafe! Glad to have you along with me on this journey ūüôā



Have a great day!