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The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest | Come On, Let Your Colors Burst!



Hi! Long time no post! 😀 I’ve been learning so much lately but there is still so much more to learn! More about my blogging learning curve later.  This week’s focus is on an awesome contest that these fabulous blogger’s are hosting:




Evey’s Creations | Anastasia Vintage | Ciburbanity

Fern Avenue | Thirty Eighth Street | Dandelion Pantina

I know Evey from Evey’s Creations. Go check out her blog NOW! Her work is fantastic! I’m so happy I met her earlier in the year.  She is a huge DIY inspiration to me & I look forward to getting to know her more.  All of the other hosts are incredible too & in my small corner of the blogger world, I can’t believe that if I get this blogger thing going in the direction I want it to go, I’ll someday get to meet the rest of the crew at awesome blog conventions like Haven, of which they are All at right now! I’m extremely jealous & have my eyes set on going to future shows for sure! Who wants to help this “little” blogger learn more & have fun creating new projects too?

Any interested bloggers in future Flippin Contests contact Stacy (info@anastasiavintage.com) or Evey (info@eveyscreations.com)

For July’s Fab Flippin’ Contest I took my flip outside.  I love summer so much that I had to do an outdoor trash picked piece I found a few months ago.  I found this long & not normal sized pallette down the street & I just had to have it! I was going to post & submit June’s but I missed my deadline for submission & I’ll post about what I flipped after this fun project.

I hauled this out back finally & got sanding right away!


My brother was nice enough to hammer in pieces of wood I happen to find at another trashed picked pile.  They fit perfectly width wise & he just had to cut them down a little shorter & hammer them in.  So happy that he had a chance to help me out with this too.


Sand, wipe down, pick off “fragile” stickers & eventually I got to the fun part


This may or may not have been a crucial part of my morning with this palette project.  Ugh, the bugs were really bad that morning :-/


Here is the best part of this project!! I got to paint with Unicorn SPiT!!! They are the product sponsor behind the contest.  They have 11 vibrant colors that you can mix & match and create beautiful color palettes to paint with.  It’s also infused with Jasmine fragrance so painting with this is a real sensory treat too! I chose Zia Teal.  I love how smooth it went on,  even with the uneven old palette wood it spread really nice.  I used about a 1/2 of the jar and I can’t wait to see what I can use with the rest of it.  I love how bright the color is.  It’s such a great blast of color for my back yard area now.




After painting I sealed the paint with this Polyurethane.


I also had a minor craft fail.  I wanted a pattern on there so I chose a pennant shaped triangle from a stencil to paint on.  Well that didn’t go on so well.  So I painted over them & decided to go with white vinyl adhesive I had on hand.


I traced the triangles from the stencil, cut them out,


pealed the backing off & I got a much better & cleaner result.  I actually wanted to paint on a little shimmer on them to make it look like a shell inlaid pattern.


Here is the end result! I love it! My husband eats lots of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & I saved all of the jelly jars so I can make this into an herb garden.  I have a friend offering up seeds already! :DLove it! & hopefully I get a better batch of basil in it’s new planter home.





Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to swing by the other blogger’s pages to see what they did for the July Fab Flippin Furniture contest. I hope your summer is coming along well!

Sweet Paul Meet & Greet

I had the amazing opportunity last Saturday to meet Sweet Paul of Sweet Paul Magazine fame! I have always admired his beautiful magazine & all of the projects involved 🙂 He was touring with Rit-Dye & they had 2 projects set up for everyone to craft with.  I love Rit-Dye too & I’ll be posting a few more fun projects with their dyes in the next few weeks.  I’ve been hoarding a pile of clothes & home DIY’s to re-dye when I can finally get to them.  So I was really excited that these 2 fun crafty companies got together & came to my home town’s Jo-ann Fabric & Crafts Store in Mount Laurel, NJ!IMG_0022.JPG

The first project was making coffee filter flowers.  There were pre-dyed coffee filters & we could build multi-layer flowers with the supplies provided on the craft tables  Look how cute these are:IMG_0011.JPG

Here’s some of the fun colors we got to craft with.   IMG_0013.JPG

I had my daughter Lizzie with me & that made for a very interseting craft time as well.  She of course, made me make a pink flower. IMG_0007.JPG


Our next project was coloring different sized wooden beads for necklaces.  They had out purple, aqua blue, navy blue & black.  Here’s the funny part of my story.  Lizzie started having a mini melt down & we didn’t know why at first.  After a few “piiiiiiiiink” cries I figured it out that she wanted the pink dye for her beads, of course.  Well, the lovely ladies of Rit Dye dropped everything & made Lizzie her own pink dyed bracelet.  Life was so much better & she was completely different from that moment on.  Including telling everyone her life story.  Well that in turn made me happy since I could then craft with 2 hands with no clingy toddler.  The Rit Dye ladies were entertaining her & having a lot of fun too being entertained by a crazy 3 year old.  So much so she became a Twitter & Instagram star 😉  IMG_0159.PNG

SO happy with her new bright pink beaded bracelet/necklace 🙂 We will be having fun turning this into a few different accessories.IMG_0002.JPG

This is mine.  I used the aqua & black dyes.   I take a terrible selfie & I need to step up my selfie game >_<IMG_0008.JPG

Here’s some fun pics of the Sweet Paul & Rit Dye crews dying their beads:IMG_0003-0.JPG



How gorgeous is this?!?!?! I’m definitely trying this really soon! I’ll be heading back to Jo-ann’s this weekend for some more supplies.IMG_0009.JPG

I got some dye on my hands, but one of the ladies gave me a great tip!  Make a scrub with lotion & sugar & scrub away.  It worked! I was going to an All White Gala event that evening funny enough so I had to put that scrub to the test.  More about the Collingswood Pop Up Gala in the next blog post 🙂 IMG_0026.JPG

I picked up a copy of the magazine Sweet Paul & Rit Dye collaborated on.  There are 7 different catagories with a handful of projects in each to make.  It really is a neat craft book & I’ll be doing some tutorials from it within the next few weeks.  I’ll take more pics of it as I start each project, but go to Jo-ann’s & definitely pick one up for yourself! It’s $6 for lots of Dye-IY fun! IMG_0012.JPG

Sweet Paul was kind enough to sign one for me 🙂 IMG_0014.JPG

“Dear Meg, Keep chasing the sweet life. Paul”  Thanks Paul, I will! IMG_0019.JPG

We even got a fun pic together! IMG_0022.JPG

Yay! We made it through with only 1 mini-meltdown, 2 fab projects & we got to meet some great crafty people!

Thank you so much to Sweet Paul & Rit Studios for coming to our area & taking the time to craft with us!! We had a blast! & now I have some new projects I have to work on asap!











Craft Display Table


So here it is at the end of the month & I’ve been working on so many different things that finishing blog posts has been the last thing to work on.  I love that I have found some fun projects & I can’t wait to show you the fun Habitat scores & crafty fall projects that have been consuming my month of August.  Here’s project #1.  I scored this fun 2 tiered table at Habitat that I will be using as a craft table display.  It was an unfinished mdf “wood” table that I immediately envisioned a bright fun color.


It had a weird stain on top, so that too made it a no brainer to repaint it.  I bought it for $5 & it was totally worth it to me!


I have learned the importance of having a primer & this paint that I had on hand worked for this table.  I wanted to use a white spray I had, but I found out it was nearly empty & I think this worked out so much better anyway.


Behold, my favorite new color in the World! haha!! I love love love this Krylon Sea Glass spray paint.  It’s really a happy color & it’s the focus color of my new logo too  that I’m unveiling soon 🙂


I got to use my new Ryobi power drill on this table for it’s first project! Thanks Ryobi for awesome tools!


Abe & I have been painting so much that our drop cloths now look like modern art.  I’ll frame them & sell them at that next craft show 😉


I needed to finish off the edging with this paint.  I wasn’t able to get the spray to stay on the edges & it happen to be a windy morning so aim wasn’t the best either.  Glad I had this on hand, it worked out perfect.


So here it is! Cleaned, primed, sprayed & touched up 🙂 I love it!




Manny was hanging out with me that morning & I think it has his stamp of approval too 🙂


Stay tuned for more fun diy projects coming up! Have a great day -Meg



August 30 Day RoomChallenge

Happy Monday!! & Happy August!! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more energetic when the calendar page turned to August 🙂 Totally something I’m welcoming with huge arms! So I’m going to channel that energy into my next room challenge hosted by Serena of the Thrift Diving Blog.  You may remember June’s Challenge when I did my craft room.  I actually won a set of Ryobi Drills! I’ll attach a pic through my instagram later on today 🙂 That was really exciting!! So glad that Serena has created a great community through bettering our surroundings & has thrown in a little flare for extra fun.

I chose to do my bedroom this month.  It’s blah & needs some much needed new decor.  We have blank walls & miss matched bedding.  Here’s my before pics:

20140804-082039-30039283.jpgManny chose to pose for these pics & since he’s in this room during the day more than we are, he should absolutely be in the pics! Haha!!


We were lucky enough to get new furniture when we moved in here last year, I just never really decorated it & now is definitely the time!

20140804-082034-30034017.jpgI do love our comforter, but I may need to get a new one, it is getting a little old.  We’ll see what I find! The wall on the right in the picture above needs a nice little gallery type of set up.  I wake up facing that wall, it would be nice to see some pretty artwork or photos.


This tv stand definitely has seen better days.  It survived a move, but not very well.  I’d love to find a stand/cabinet from Habitat’s Restore.  I went in there the other day & didn’t see one yet, but I know I can score one soon.


We need new curtains or upgrade what we have on hand.  I also have a RIT dying kit that I’d love to do something fun with the 2 curtains on the one wall


Oh Manny you know I’ll be asking you first for your approval 😉


Wish me luck! Looking forward to getting crafty with this room.  I have lots of ideas & I’ll be posting them along the way.  Happy August Everyone! WooHoo!!!

Beach Themed Yarn Wreath

Good Morning! Once again this blog has been semi-neglected.  I had a really busy June & first half of July.  Things are settling down & I finally get to post some fun stuff! Tricia of Lilac Blossom Photography has been having fun with my new layout & pics.  I’ll be tweaking more about me & a new logo very soon! I’m so excited!!

First up is this fab Beachy Wreath I made for Anchor Arts Studio in Margate, NJ.  I love it there & Brittany the owner is super nice! If you are in the area, you need to stop in there.  They do painting parties, so grab your girlfriends, have a date night or plan a birthday party in there for your kids too while you’re there.

So here’s the details:



I did something a little different with the base of my wreath this time.  Instead of using a 12″  rounded Styrofoam wreath I used a 14″ wreath with an angled edge.  I think I’m going to do these more now.  They seem sturdier & I liked working with them.  I do however have to use a thicker yarn.

I wanted a life preserver ring look, but with fun colors.  Brittany wanted aqua so I found a thick turquoise with Rozetti Flora yarn at Jo-ann’s.  I forget what the brown is at the moment.  But it’s also really nice & thick & I love that there is a silver shimmer in the nutty brown color.  I’m going to Jo-ann’s today, so I’ll get the name when I go to that section.  I’ll also take pics of the packaging for better reference on this post 🙂

I made the blue flowers with a pair of old jeans.  If you want a blog post about fabric Rosettes please let me know & I’ll make one for you.  I love making them!


I had to add in some shells to pull in the beach theme & finish off the ends of the flowers.  I found a fun anchor that I painted a light white shimmer paint on the front so it wasn’t just a wood finish & the camera didn’t pick up the color.

I really am trying to work on my blog camera skills & take pics beyond my cell phone camera.  In the mean time, I’m at the mercy of what my phone can capture 🙂


I made the big poofy white flowers out of t-shirts.  I love that I can create these out of something that has been sitting around for so long & almost got trashed! Again if you want a tutorial, stay tuned, as I’m typing this I am coming up with a how-to in my head right now hehe.


The gray flower is an old t-shirt too. The tan flowers are made out of felt.  I added a pearl floral pin to some of the centers of the flowers too.


So there you go.  A summery beach themed wreath with a personalized twist for an awesome & creative Arts & crafts Studio.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I am & I’m setting up 2 more blog posts to launch up this week! I’m having so much fun with forming Nutmeg Creative Cafe! Glad to have you along with me on this journey 🙂



Have a great day!

30 Day June Room Challenge

Hi! Happy July! June was a really busy month!! I had 2 craft nights, a bachelorette party, a wedding & my birthday & last but not least THIS challenge 🙂 I knew I needed to straighten out my craft room but it was a lot of fun to do it through a group hosted by the blogger Serena from http://www.thriftdiving.com/ and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ThriftDiving.  She created the group & everyone on there was first, open & honest about their crazy rooms and then it became a motivational environment where everyone is still cheering everyone on! So here’s what my room looked like before :-O  Ugh.  Soooo embarrassing!  I literally used this room to dump everything in! I’m so glad that I get to host craft nights & have been given the opportunity to have this & this is what happens?! Ok, never again!    So here’s the Before pics:






Yikes!!!! I wanted to start off with this after pic since it involves 3 things.  1- My husband worked hard painting the floor & added the cool specks in it.  2- I love this rug & hate that I only have my cell phone to upload pics & the color is not as fab as it is in person.  & 3- It’s A Clean Floor! Woohoo!!!! No more junk!!!! 🙂



Look! Is that a clean craft table I see?! Complete with a leftover hand crafted wedding centerpiece & craft odds & ends at our finger tips? 🙂 Why yes it is!!!! I’m so happy!!!! The blue chair at the top of the pic was an old chair that I just had to take from a friend that was moving.  I need to give it some tlc & it will help with the other vintage upcycled accents I plan on adding to my room.


I need a message center & so far I found a chalk/cork clipboard that I made a while ago that I could hang up.  Next up is a large chalkboard that will be joining this soon.  I have a lot of crafts & vendor events that I’d like to be a part of & I need to start writing all of these things down & make huge check lists to help me out in the process. 🙂 Attached is a fun card we made one night for our monthly craft nights.  I created a feather theme & came up with this.


Up next is one of my favorite yard sale finds EVER!!!! This set of vintage suitcases were bought for $5 Total!! Woohoo!! Vintage storage at it’s finest with a fantastic price tag! I LOVE townwide yard sales!!! 🙂 The brown box is an artists kit that a friend of mine gifted me.


Here’s a fun pic of trash picked window frames & a vintage shelf that I’ll be able to decorate each season.  I’ll create a blog post every holiday around this corner 🙂


I’m showing off this corner because I’d like to make these the focal gallery walls & even add a small hostess table for drinks & snacks during our craft get togethers.  That painting is something I’d love to do some fun collage work to it, maybe add a poem or 2 & spice it up with some fun crafty embellishments.  That will definitely be another blog post! What are your suggestions, I’ll start to gather them here & apply them to this 🙂



I wanted to hang this up here since it actually has a little family history.  I don’t know too much about it, but my mom has had it longer than I’ve been around.  I think it went up in my parents first apartment & then I put it up in my first apartment.  There’s something so very calming about this 60’s (ish) print that fits with what I’m applying all over this room. I’ll get more info about it when I see my parents next week on vacation.


I love that I found this piece at Home Goods! I love it there & get into too much trouble when I step foot in that store! Ours is attached to a Marshall’s so I am in there waaaaaaaaaay to long! lol  😀 This is a fun way to display our craft night cards, handmade jewelry & a special card I received from a friend.  Look at the artist card with a blank canvas that says “Begin Anywhere”.  Perfect & I adore it.



There is sooooooooooo much I want to do with this room that I’m far from done, but I’ve progressed a lot with spacing, cleaning & planning.  Thank you Serena for hosting our Challenge!!! Please swing by her blog and Facebook page & show her some love.  Tell her I sent you & join us in her August challenge too! I’m glad that she didn’t stop with June & that we get to do this all over again with a great group of people! What room would you like to spruce up & clean?

Dinosaur Planter

HI! I haven’t been very active on here but I know I need to be & since this is something I really enjoy, I really want to be more active! I’ve been joining some online groups to help with motivation.  But in all honesty it was this little rubber dinosaur that costs $.25 that sparked some fun creativity with me this week.  I’ve been wanting to do this project & thanks to town wide yard sales I found this dino & I just had to do this project this week! It’s also perfect for my brother in law since he’s a dinosaur enthusiast. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is his favorite so that’s why I picked this particular guy as well.  Below are the tools needed to make the planter.  I did end up using a different pot, but everything worked out perfect in the end 🙂



Silly obligatory dino selfie.  Rawr!!! & also reminding myself I need a professional blog pic too!




I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage in the dino & the little pot I used too.





I used a sharpie to make an outline to show me where I need to cut for the pot’s hole.



Here’s the after pic of cut out hole.  It was really easy if you have a really good blade! Please be very Careful!!!!



I added some small stones in the bottom & I have awesome compost now for our local township public site.  (Yay for yard waste recycling!)



Like A Glove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


Thanks to Michael Bruce florist in Collingswood I got a really neat Bromeliad plant! That’s the tall one in the center.  I had other little leafy plants to add to the mix too.  I’ve seen succulents as the popular addition to this planter but this is what I had on hand this week.





Cool project, right? Have a great day & see you all again soon


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Cork Board Holiday Gift




Good Morning! Tis the season for DIY gift making 🙂 I loved making this & I’m out of corks to make a new one!! My parents friends save corks for me so I can make fun stuff like this.  Cheers to them!! This was for our yearly Craft Pollyanna.  I was happy to make this for my crafty Pollyanna who is a grandmother & will have a fun place to show off all of her grandchildrens pictures.  The buttons were hot glued on to flat push pins for an added crafty touch to this.  The long gold pin was from a yard sale that had lots of fun vintage items so I had to grab them up! They work really well with my rosette Christmas trees too.  I’ll add pics of those next.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! What DIY gifts are you making? 🙂