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Coastal Inspiration with Saltwash & Fab Furniture Flippin Contest 

Happy July1st! How the heck is it July already?! Craziness!

Anyway I had the pleasure of trying this fun texture paint mix called Saltwash who Sponsored July’s Fab Furniture Flips with a table I thrifted from ReStore for only $10!


Here’s a better description from their website & click on the pic above to link over to the website too. :

Saltwash™ is a product, invented to create a unique weather worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just two quick steps. Saltwash™ is made with real sea salt, so you will notice it dries quicker and adheres to almost any surface that takes paint. It was designed to be mixed into any brand or type of paint and used as the base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, it can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash™ also has found to give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal and even plastic.

Saltwash™ is offered in two sizes, a large tin at 42oz and a mini tin at 10oz. The large 42oz tin will extend to do about two large dressers, depending on the preferred consistency or mix into about a half a gallon of paint. The 10oz. mini tin is preferred for small projects and is good for first introductions to Saltwash™.

Saltwash™ is a low voc product and all of the ingredients in it are considered safe in a working environment. We at Saltwash™ LLC., are very concerned with safety, so we recommend to always take precautions, and because Saltwash™ is a powder, we suggest wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding.



This was a cute table but same old dark finish that I’ve seen everywhere.  Great score & only a few nicks & bumps that I was covering up anyway.

I had this frame at home that I added to this flip to make into a coastal tray that fit perfectly on top of the table.



Here’s what they sent me


and here’s what it looks like. It’s like a fine powder substance that’s really easy to mix


I love this short ad that explains the technique in this video here:

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I found these 2 colors at Walmart to mix with hoping I could get a different color blend & do something completely different than I’ve done before.  This definitely was a great combo that was bright & vibrant & fun to paint with to kick start my summer projects.  Yes, summer officially began for me this past week.  June was a Really busy month!

I mixed a scoop & a 1/2 to the Glidden Bermuda Bay & was extremely happy with the bright “royal” like blue of the Rust-oleam Gloss Sail Blue.  I took my chances using a gloss top coat but I really liked the end result 🙂


The Saltwash went on really quick! You need to pounce your brush more than swipe it like you normally do to get the thick bumpy texture.



Let it dry, sand it down with a sanding block & apply a thin coat of the top coat. Let the top coat dry & sand down for your desired coastal textured look.




I only applied the Saltwash to the frame, but let me know your opinion if I should top coat in the sail blue too.




I found some shell printables on Pinterest & I like that I can switch it up seasonally when I get the chance to. Glasses of brews & wines & platters of cheese, crackers &  fruit snacks (lol) will be enjoyed around this fun new table.


I’m working on a front porch redo, & I want to add this to the new decor there. This July I’m challenging myself to come up with a calming front entryway look.

Here’s our fab hosts Thirty Eighth Street & 58 Water Street‘s Saltwash Coastal Flips & stop by Sweet Tea Refinishing  for ALL of the June Fab Flips.

Contact info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com for more information on how to join us in future flips! It’s such a GREAT group of really talented DIY’ers to be involved with!



Rocking Chair Makeover Part Deux: Mixing & Matching

Hello! You may recognize this chair from November’s Fab Flip.



It turns out that this chair is perfect in my daughter’s room as the beginning of a whimsical reading corner for her.

This month’s Fab Flip sponsor is Fairfield World with the addition of Spoonflower fabric too.


Here’s our Fab Hosts this month & be sure to stop by Ciburbanity & 58 Water Street to see their Fairfield World & Spoonflower flips.

Also feel free to contact Stacy from Anastasia Vintage at info@anastasiavintage.com for more info about our Fab Furniture Flippin Contests.

I found this cute neck roll pillow from Fairfield World to start building our pillow collection for this corner.


I chose orchid watercolor triangles from Spoonflower to start the color palette that I’m working with for this room


These colors fit in well with the whites, pinks, light purples & light blues already in there.  I took the roll pillow & measured out this sweet looking fabric & created a “candy wrapper” like look as the start of her pillow collection. I finished the ends with a gray grosgrain ribbon. There are touches of gray in this room & wait till you see what I use for her dresser next month!



I re-covered the seat cushion part with, get this, an old heavy bright white t-shirt! I love the feel of t-shirt jersey bed sheets so I thought I would give this a try & see how it goes.  It fits perfectly & feels really soft so we’ll see how it lasts on this chair.  I love to upcycle with materials I have on hand so this was a fun project to try that concept out.



I’m looking forward to building this corner up & having a bohemian vintage look to finally finish off this room.  So many pieces have been put aside so I’m excited to finally have time to complete her room! 🙂

I would love to have a flowy fabric coming from this corner in a tent like style to add a dreamy look here too.  I’m on the hunt for a large quantity of lace or something nice & light.  Let me know if you happen to find any for me 😀

As I’m doing an online search there some great inspiration at this website here.  Which one catches your eye? I think I’m leaning towards this one:

Tullilan perheen koti Espoossa, Vanttilassa. Kastellitalo. Eeli ja Merili lukemassa kirjaa majassa.
Tullilan perheen koti Espoossa, Vanttilassa. Kastellitalo. Eeli ja Merili lukemassa kirjaa majassa.

|Image found here: http://www.mommodesign.com/girly-reading-corners.html|

I’m using an old doll house as a book case & have another one that I may actually be able to do something like this 🙂 How cool!

Lots of fun ideas are coming to mind to finish off this corner.  What are some things you would fill in here that maybe I haven’t thought of yet? If you have reading corners post them on my Facebook page to show me your themes & styles.

Now go check out the links to  all of the AMAZING Fab Flippin projects & hope your March is going well!