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Growing a Pineapple Plant

I’m growing a pineapple plant!


I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while & I’m finally doing it! What do I need to know? So far I’m just growing the roots in water right now. ¬†I love that I can finally make this happen ūüėÄ

Have you done this & what advice can you give me?

I’ll track this pineapple’s status as it progresses.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!


Dinosaur Planter

HI! I haven’t been very active on here but I know I need to be & since this is something I really enjoy, I really want to be more active! I’ve been joining some online groups to help with motivation. ¬†But in all honesty it was this little rubber dinosaur that costs $.25 that sparked some fun creativity with me this week. ¬†I’ve been wanting to do this project & thanks to town wide yard sales I found this dino & I just had to do this project this week! It’s also perfect for my brother in law since he’s a dinosaur enthusiast. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is his favorite so that’s why I picked this particular guy as well. ¬†Below are the tools needed to make the planter. ¬†I did end up using a different pot, but everything worked out perfect in the end ūüôā



Silly obligatory dino selfie.  Rawr!!! & also reminding myself I need a professional blog pic too!




I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage in the dino & the little pot I used too.





I used a sharpie to make an outline to show me where I need to cut for the pot’s hole.



Here’s the after pic of cut out hole. ¬†It was really easy if you have a really good blade! Please be very Careful!!!!



I added some small stones in the bottom & I have awesome compost now for our local township public site.  (Yay for yard waste recycling!)



Like A Glove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ūüôā


Thanks to Michael Bruce florist in Collingswood I got a really neat Bromeliad plant! That’s the tall one in the center. ¬†I had other little leafy plants to add to the mix too. ¬†I’ve seen succulents as the popular addition to this planter but this is what I had on hand this week.





Cool project, right? Have a great day & see you all again soon


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