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Chalkboard Pots









Hi! Just updating this post today! Last week got the best of me through a lot of house projects that I needed to do.  I was determined to post pics & then never got to talk about them 🙂 Anyway, glad things are getting back to “normal” & I can tell you all about my chalkboard flower pots! This was so much fun!


I first gathered some terracotta pots I had on hand.  These were for Mother’s Day & I had to be a little “frugal” this year.  I had the sprays, pots & chalk on hand & had some fun in Walmart’s garden department.  I was surprised to see new flowers that I haven’t seen before & I even have a new favorite succulent that I will be blogging about later 🙂




I used Jo-Ann’s black spray paint as a base.  I have learned that using a primer with chalk board paint is very important! I used Krylon’s chalkboard paint for the fun effect! This was really easy to use & I sprayed 3 light layers with about 15 minutes to set in between.





This next step is also VERY important! You have to “season” the chalkboard with a layer of chalk smudged all over it.  Then I wiped it off with a damp cloth.  This helps to seal the paint. & helps to keep the surface smooth.




Then have fun with your phrase or artwork of your liking 🙂 I’m not an artist so I scribbled a message from Lizzie & made a few colorful doodles.




Have fun with this project & I hope everyone is having a great Spring!

Chapel Avenue Cherry Blossoms

Every spring there’s about a 2 mile stretch in Cherry Hill that has the most amazing cherry blossom trees framed on both sides of the street.  I love the awesome color it brings after a crazy hard winter.  Here’s what I’ve captured so far:







I picked a few for our table & then I wanted to make a little craft with them…



… so I made a dried flower pendant.  The other flower is from our Dogwood tree in our front yard.



Happy Spring & enjoy the Sunshine!!!